McDonald’s Secret Menu

Since we were children we usually eat in fast food chains especially when we are in a hurry or we just want the Happy Meal 😉. McDonald’s is one of the leading fast food chains in the world, and in the Philippines. But do you know that they have a secret? 😄 May I introduce to you the McDonald’s Secret Menu.

McDonald’s Secret Menu is available in all of their branches, but it is not displayed in any part of the store.

How to order?

  1. Ask for McDonald’s Secret Menu from the cashier. The cashier will hand over the menu.
  2. Choose a burger. You can order a meal or just the burger.
  3. Pay
  4. Wait for your meal.
  5. Enjoy your meal from McDonald’s Secret Menu. 🙂

The Burgers

During our last visit in McDonalds, Busy and I ordered only two secret menu burgers.

The Surf ‘n Turf

The burger has a crispy fish patty, with a 100% pure beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and a mixed mayo/ketchup sauce inside a sesame seed burger bun.

We compared the burger to the picture, and it looks like the picture. 👍 The only difference is the placement of the patties hahaha 😄 the beef patty and fish patties were switched. Anyway, we do not care because it tastes awesome!

The Double McChicken

The burger has two crispy chicken patties, lettuce, and mayo inside a sesame seed burger bun.

We again compared it to the picture, and it looks like the picture. 👌 The only difference is the sesame seed burger bun. The burger tasted better than the usual because (of course) it has more patties 😄


Overall the McDonald’s Secret Menu Burgers are better than the burgers in their ordinary menu. I suggest you try the secret menu burgers to know the difference 🙂


We’ll be back in McDonalds to document the other 2 burgers.


Our McDonald’s Secret Menu Burger quest is to be continued… 😂😂😂




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