Hello! We are Happy (that’s me! Katrina Tiong) and Busy (Dave Remulla).

We are a couple who loves to eat, explore, travel, and do a lot of activities.

We become a couple back in 2015 during our trip in Malaysia. That is our first trip together as friends, and as a couple ♥

We would like to share our experiences that’s why we have decided to put up a blog. We hope that our readers get some ideas by reading through our blogs.

Read on our blogs, enjoy, and remember…

Experiencing it together makes it better!!! ♥


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  • Alana
    Very nice blog you have here. I am loving it!
    • Happy and Busy
      Thank you! :)
  • Irish Laurio
    couple na, travel buddy pa, sana all heheh ang cute nyo pong dalawa :)

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