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How to Stick to your Budget while Travelling - Happy and Busy Travels

How to Stick to your Budget while Traveling?

Travel Budget 101 – How to Stick to Your Budget While Traveling? As a traveler, we spend too much on traveling, but we are not rich and we just spend our own money on our travels. So, it is best if we have a budget for each of our travel. Here are four tips on […]
Culinary Schools Games - Happy and Busy Travels Free online Games

Culinary Schools Games

Culinary Schools Games I love playing games, so I searched for more free online games. Then, I saw Culinary Schools.Org, which provides free Culinary School Games which of course features games related to food. Their main goal is to provide fun while kids are learning. There are over 150 games to choose from and these […]
Solitaire Games - What to do if bored waiting - Happy and Busy Travels

Solitaire Games

Solitaire Games Like I’ve said in the past, we usually play games whenever we are waiting for our flight or whenever we are bored. So, here are some more games, here is the Solitaire Games that you can play for free.   Where to Get Free Solitaire Games Online? The best website that you can […]
Where to buy party trays food - Happy and Busy Travels

Where to Buy Party Trays?

Where to Buy Party Trays? We all love to celebrate and have parties, but we usually do not have the time to cook or prepare meals. So here are some of our suggestions on where to buy party trays.     Ellaine’s Lomi House If you are looking for the classic Pansit, Lomi, or Spaghetti, […]
Free Online Games playing while waiting - Happy and Busy Travels Plays Org

Free Online Games to Play

Free Online Games to Play While Waiting Busy and I love to travel, but usually there are downtimes wherein we need to wait. So, aside from talking with each other we also play free online games while waiting.   Waiting Busy and I usually wait for our departure at boarding gates, or even the schedule […]
Where to Stay in Batangas Happy and Busy Travels Tips

Where to Stay in Batangas?

Where to Stay in Batangas? Batangas is one of the tourist destinations that will come to your mind whenever you want a quick vacation. So, here is the list of the resorts and hotels that we can recommend.   Buceo Anilao A scenic and romantic view, plus diving lessons in Batangas are the best here […]
Where to stay in Boracay? Happy and Busy Travels Tips

Where to Stay in Boracay?

Where to Stay in Boracay? Boracay Island is one of the best and famous tourist spots in the Philippines. Even though there is a pandemic, people go to Boracay to take a break. So, here is our recommendation on where to stay in Boracay.     Residencia Boracay Our stay in Residencia Boracay is one […]
Where to Stay in Cavinti Laguna - Happy and Busy Travels

Where to Stay in Cavinti, Laguna?

Where to Stay in Cavinti, Laguna? There are a lot of nice hotels and resorts in Cavinti, Laguna. But what do we recommend? Where to stay in Cavinti, Laguna? Read on our suggestions below, book the property and see it for yourself. 😉 We’ll be adding more list of accommodation here as soon as we […]
How to Book an Accommodation resort hotel

How to Book an Accommodation?

How to Book an Accommodation? Is it your first time to book an accommodation? No worries because here is our guide on how to book an accommodation. 😁 There are a lot of ways on how to book an accommodation but here are the common ways.   Book with Airbnb Airbnb is one of the leading […]

Sodexo – How to use the Application?

Sodexo – How to use the Application? Sodexo is now digital! If you want to know more about Sodexo and how to use the application, continue to read 🙂   What is Sodexo? Sodexo is one of the most popular and leading in the service voucher industry. Usually this voucher is given as a gift, […]
New Normal in Accommodations - Happy and Busy Travels

New Normal in Accommodations – Philippines

New Normal in Accommodations in the Philippines The Department of Tourism (DOT) of the Philippines has released the guidelines for the new normal in accommodations in the Philippines. We are sharing a part of it which guests should be aware of. Source: DOT Announcement     1. Health Declaration Form All guests should answer and sign […]
pink stargazer flowers from the flower bouquet during VAlentines day What to do with your flowers after Valentines Day

What to do with Your Flowers After Valentine’s Day?

What to do with Your Flowers After Valentine’s Day? We usually receive flowers from our loved ones especially on Valentine’s Day. But what do you do with it aside from placing it in the vase with water? Here are some things that I did with the flowers that Busy gave me.   Our first Valentine’s […]
Best sellers of Trifoglio Ristorante Fora Mall Happy and Busy Travels to Tagaytay

Where to Eat in Tagaytay?

Everybody knows that Tagaytay is one of the places to visit whenever they want a quick getaway. But where to eat in Tagaytay? Here is the our list for your reference.   Our Favorites – Where to Eat in Tagaytay 1. Deli De San Honore Deli de San Honore is one of our favorite because […]
Nagpatong Rock Formation Tanay Rizal

Tourist Spots in Tanay, Rizal

Going out of town is the best way to enjoy your weekend. Tanay, Rizal is perfect for your quick getaway. It is just a few hours away from Manila, and very accessible with public transportation. But what should we visit in Tanay? Here are the top tourist spots in Tanay, Rizal.   Looking for other […]
Philippine Passport Renewal and application

Philippine Passport Application Guide

Have you ever wonder how do you apply for a new passport or renew your passport? Here is a quick Philippine Passport Guide.     Quick Links How to renew or apply for a new passport? Processing Fee and turn around time New Passport and Renewal application requirements Courtesy Lane (Who are allowed to process […]
Amazing Batanes Tours - Marlboro Hills Racuh A Payaman - Batanes Travel Guide and itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Batanes Travel Agency – How to Book with Amazing Batanes Tours?

Going to Batanes is everyone’s dream! But we always need the best Batanes travel agency that can help us achieve our dream vacation. That’s why we are highly recommending Amazing Batanes Tours, which made our dream Batanes tour possible. But how can you book with them? Here are the steps and the promo code to save […]
Chavayan Village Sabtang Batanes - Batanes Travel Guide and Itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Tourist Spots in Sabtang Island, Batanes

Sabtang Island is just one boat ride away from Basco Batanes. Before you visit, you have to keep this list of tourist spots in Sabtang Island. If you want a hassle free trip, book your tour with Amazing Batanes Tours. We booked our tour with them, so we had a lot of help and tips for […]

Where to Buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

Whenever we go to another place we always want to bring home something that can make us remember our trip. So, here are our recommended stores that you can buy souvenirs in Batanes.   Tawsen’s Souvenir Shop We first went to Tawsen’s Souvenir Shop because it has the same owner as our hotel, and from […]
Pananayan Pension House Hotel in Sabtang Review of Happy and Busy Travels

List of Lighthouses in Batanes

Batanes is not only known for its magnificent mountain and ocean views, but it is also known for its lighthouses. There is a lot of lighthouses in Batanes, so here is a short list for everybody’s reference:   Book a tour with Amazing Batanes Tours for and use the code HAPPYANDBUSY to get P500 discount.   1. Naidi […]
Marlboro Hills Racuh A Payaman South Batan- Batanes Travel Guide and itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Things to Do in Batanes

Going to Batanes soon? Here are some things to do in Batanes. Book a tour with Amazing Batanes Tours and use the code HAPPYANDBUSY to get P500 discount.   Things to Do in Batanes: 1. Swim in the Fountain of Youth Full details at     2. Ride a Bicycle Full details at     3. Eat Ivatan […]
Biking in Batanes - Batanes Travel guide and itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels in Batanes

Biking in Batanes on Busy’s Birthday

We celebrated Busy’s birthday differently by biking in Batanes. After our half day tour with Amazing Batanes, Busy and I borrowed a bike from Tawsen’s Place Inn. Our friend, Imac, rented from a shop. Then we started our journey to the Fountain of Youth. Our journey started around 2:30 PM.   The weather is too hot in Batanes, […]
D Mall Stores Boracay Island

D Mall List of Stores, Boracay

Every time we visit Boracay Island, we always go to D Mall stores to eat, shop, or use the various services. There is a lot of changes in Boracay and of course D Mall stores after it was closed for 6 months. So, here is the list of stores as of March 2019 for everybody’s […]
Marlboro Hills Racuh A Payaman South Batan- Batanes Travel Guide and itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Batanes, Travel Guide and Itinerary for 5 Days

Batanes Island is the last province of the Philippines in the north. It is known for its majestic view of the ocean, the hills, and the honest Ivatan people. Last March 2019, we achieved our dream of coming to the Island, and at the same time we celebrated Busy’s birthday! Yey! So here is a […]
Eatigo Application discounts on food review of Happy and Busy Travels

Eatigo – Dine up to 50% Discount!

Did you ever experience wanting to eat in a fancy restaurant but your budget is not enough? Do not worry because Eatigo is here! Eatigo is a mobile application which gives hungry diners a chance to get up to 50% off in their total bill.   How to Use the App? Step 1 Install the […]
Fly with Eva Air Review of Happy and Busy Travels

Why Fly with Eva Air?

When Busy and I together with our friends went to Taiwan, we flew with Eva Air. We usually book our plane through budget airlines but this time we choose Eva Air. Aside from they are a 5-star airline, here are 3 reasons why did we choose to fly with Eva Air when we went to […]
Ownrides Rent a car Customize your Tour Happy and Busy Travels to Taiwan

How to Book with Ownrides?

During our stay in Taiwan, we had the opportunity to book our tour with Ownrides. What is Ownrides? Ownrides is a Taiwan based travel agency that focuses on customized trips. The agency has tour packages already, but what we love about the agency is we can customize our trip. We had a lot of places […]
Welcome to Boracay Sign - Boracay Island

How to Go to Boracay Island?

Boracay Island was again open to the public last October 26, 2018. We had a chance to visit the island right after it opened. So we are sharing our experience and some of the tips for travelers. 🙂 Updated as of October 21, 2019 Quick Links Arrival Mode of Transportation Tricycle Terminal Caticlan Jetty Port […]
Boracay Airport The New Caticlan Airport article of Happy and Busy Travels

Boracay Airport, The New Caticlan Airport

Boracay was closed last April 26, 2018 and was opened in October 26, 2018. Before Boracay was opened, we had a chance to visit Boracay Airport, the new Caticlan Airport while on our way to Carabao Island. Here are some of our experiences with some tips while we arrived and depart from the Airport. NOTE: Updated […]

A Relaxing Visit to La Union

La Union is one of the places in the Philippines which is known for Surfing. However if you do not want to surf, it is still great to visit La Union. Together with my brother and two of my friends, we went to La Union in April 2018. So where did we go during our […]

Maybelline’s Affordable Kiss-Proof Lipstick Good for Travelling

When we travel we make sure that we look good especially for pictures. But every girl’s problem during on tour is to retouch our make up, especially after eating. Our lipstick is always gone after we eat, or kiss our boyfriend ? Our boyfriends also loves to kiss us but hates when we transfer the lipstick to […]

Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016

The Hot Air Balloon Festival in Angeles, Pampanga is a yearly event that started in 1994 by the Department of Tourism (DOT).  The event features various hot air balloons from the Philippines and other participating countries. This event is highly anticipated, thus everyone is excited, but how do we prepare for this? We have some […]