Larena Triad Restaurant and Bakeshop

We had our first lunch in Siquijor in Larena Triad Restaurant and Bakeshop. The restaurant is exactly located at the Triad View Deck.

Contact No. +63 956 557 8434


Address: Triad View Deck, Siquijor

The restaurant has a view deck, wherein we saw almost all of Siquijor.

Ooohhhhh the view!!! ?

The Menu of Larena Triad Restaurant & Bakeshop

The Food

One of our friends ordered Lechon Kawali.

Lechon Kawali Php 120

Lechon Kawali is a crispy, deep fried pork. Their Lechon Kawali was served with a cup of rice and veggies. It tastes like the usual Filipino Lechon Kawali.


Three of us ordered the Baby Back Ribs.

Baby Back Ribs Php 150

For just Php 150 we had Baby Back Ribs! Their Baby Back Ribs was served with a rice and veggies. The meat of the baby back ribs were soft and easy to remove from the bones, and it also tasted good.


We also ordered Calamares as an appetizer.

Calamares Php 130

Calamares is a deep fried Squid with batter. The squid was properly cooked, it was not chewy.


Our vegetarian friend ordered Chopsuey.

Chopsuey Php 250

Chopsuey is also a Filipino dish. It was made out of different stir-fried chopped veggies like Carrots, Cabbage, String Beans, and Chayote. Larena Triad Restaurant’s Chopsuey was delicious because it was sprinkled with a lot of crispy Garlic.


Aside from the main dishes, we also ordered some drinks.

The Strawberry Cucumber Shake tastes good and was perfect for the hot weather.

Strawberry Cucumber Shake Php 75

Some of us preferred to have a coffee and relax while appreciating the view.

Hazelnut Latte Php 95


The Bakeshop

The restaurant also has a bakeshop and they sell different breads and pastries as a souvenir.


Overall we were glad to have our lunch in Larena Triad Restaurant and Bakeshop. The food were delicious and very affordable, the staff were super friendly and accommodating, and we had the chance to see Siquijor from above. 🙂


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  • The staff were friendly
  • The view is awesome
  • Wifi is not available
  • During our visit, only cash payment was accepted
  • There is no service charge

Happy and Busy’s Smileys

Food – 

Location – 

Ambiance – 

Value for money –

Service – 

Comfort Rooms – 






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