Taal Volcano Eruption – January 12, 2020

Witnessing the Taal Volcano Eruption

This blog is about our story during the Taal Volcano Eruption. We were very blessed and fortunate that we were not very much affected by the eruption.

Busy and I were just in Tagaytay City when our friends told us that Taal Volcano erupted. So, we have decided to eat in Taza Fresh Table in Taal Vista Hotel because that is the place in Tagaytay with the most beautiful view of the island where Taal Volcano is located. When we arrived in Taal Vista Hotel, this is what we instantly saw.

Taal Volcano Eruption January 12 2020 experience of Happy and Busy
Smokes are coming out of the Taal Volcano


Taal volcano is erupting! We were curious at first. This was our first time to see such incident, plus the smoke from the volcano is not yet that big.

Taal Volcano Eruption January 12 2020 experience of Happy and Busy


Taal Volcano Eruption Worsens

After we took the pictures above, we went inside Taza and ordered our food. Then, we went out again and looked at the volcano. This is what we saw:

Taal Volcano Eruption January 12 2020 experience of Happy and Busy
Ashes of Taal Volcano reached up to the clouds

The smoke that contains volcanic ashes are enormous! It was like Taal Volcano is really really angry.

After witnessing the enormous smoke, we felt like something is hitting us. There are small rocks from the volcano that are falling from the sky.

Small rocks from the volcano
Small rocks from Taal Volcano

So, we have decided to get our umbrella, and continue to watch. After a while we went inside Taza and had our snack.

While we were having our snack, the staff gave us face masks because the air outside smells very acidic and there are a lot of ashes which are dangerous if we inhale.

surgical masks



When we wanted to come back at the view deck, it was sunset already. The management of Taal Vista Hotel prohibits guests to go to the view deck already for safety reasons. So, after we ate, we went out Taza and go to the main hotel, we saw the smoke of volcanic ashes reflecting the colors of the sunset.

Taal Volcano Eruption Sunset colors January 12 2020 experience of Happy and Busy

The air at this time is already very acidic and it can make people hard to breathe.


Going Home

Even though we were in Taal Vista Hotel’s parking area, we saw how the ashes continues to spread, and with lightning.

Taal Volcano Eruption January 12 2020 experience of Happy and Busy


In the parking area, we saw our car full with dried mud. The mud is made out of volcanic ash that went down together with the light rain earlier.

Happy's Car with a lot of dry ash from the eruption


We can’t use our wipers to remove the dried mud because it will scratch the window. So, we asked the hotel if we can have any water. They gave us a wine bottle filled with warm water. Busy poured water to soften the mud, then he poured water again, and wiped it out gently with a cloth.


It was hard going home because our windshield kept on getting muddy. Fortunately, Filipinos are kind and are very helpful. Some of the people are out on the street with their hoses and spraying water on vehicles who can’t see the road anymore (Like us). THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


At Home

When we arrived home, the back of our car can’t be seen anymore due to the thick ash. We were so blessed that we arrived safely.

Ashes at the back of the car

The night will be long, the acidic smell and the ashes will stay for a few days. We were lucky enough that we are not directly hit by the eruption. We hope everybody in Tagaytay and Batangas are safe and are doing okay.


Day 2 Dasmariñas, Cavite – Taal Volcano Eruption

I went to work the next day, January 13, 2020. In Makati City, ashes are not as thick as those in Cavite and Batangas. So, I thought when I come home the ashes have subsided. But when I come home, there are still a lot of ashes. Even if you sweep them, there are still a lot.

Cats footprints on the ash
Footprints of my cats when they welcomed me when I came home. My cats can roam inside and outside our house.



Call for Donations

Taal Volcano Eruption Donations and Help Needed

For those who would like to help, here are the links of the donation drives:

Millie Manahan – Call for Donation

Animal Kingdom Foundation – Call for Donation

Sangguniang Kabataan ng Sampaloc I – Call for Donation

Jenny Medinilla – Call for Donation


Evacuation Centers

List of Evacuation Centers

Google came up with a map on where are the evacuation centers are. Please click on the link below:





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  • Hyun Jang Nim
    Grabe nga po nun pumutok yung taal volcano, kitang kita dito saka yung mga kidlat nakakatakot. Ilang days din bago mawala yung ashes. Buti na lang napayapa na yung bulkan, hopefully wag na ulit pumutok.
  • Ringo Itsuki
    Pregnant ako that time and nsa work ko Grabe tlga ung abo na to since tga cavite lng din ako tlgang rmdam tlaga . Npakabilis ng araw 1year na pala ang nkalipas . Wag na sana ng maulit ito 😇🙏
    • Happy and Busy
      Ibang klase tlga... sana tlga wag n maulit... kawawa mga tao and mga animals
  • Naynay ni lucas
    Nandito naman kmi sa Lipa Batangas. We were told na lumikas na din kung mag bigay man ng signal ulit. But thank God, after ng pagsabog wala ng naging signal kung sakaling may tsunami daw at since mataas naman amdw ang Lipa. But still ng empake p din ako ng mga gamit ng asawa at anak ko. Hindi maiwasan na hindi mag alala. Yung ibang kapit bahay namin nag si likas na. Nanigurado na. Sana nga ho, wala ng masamang mangyari. Kung meron man since hindi naman natin maiiwasan yung ibang bagay, sana manatili pa din tayong matatag at ligtas sa lahat.
    • Happy and Busy
      Matindi rin pala experience ninyo... buti safe kayo

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