Noni’s Resort – Talisay Cabin

It’s Busy’s birthday again!  So we went to a hotel with his favorite facilities… a pool… and an awesome view from a cliff…. This one is perfect… the Talisay Cabins of Noni’s Resort in Alitagtag, Batangas, Philippines. The Talisay Cabins is a new addition to the resort. The cabins were created for people who would like to go on glamping (glamorous camping).

Address: Brgy. Ping-as, Alitagtag Batangas, Calabarzon, 4205, Philippines

Contact numbers: +63 917 596 0723 ; +63 917 595 5129 ; (+6343) 776 0118

Facebook Page:


Booking the Talisay Cabins of Noni’s Resort

Booking for the cabins started in January 31, 2018. So I waited for 12 midnight, but around 11:50 the cabins were already available in the website. So I excitedly started to dig into their website. I was anxious because there were only 3 cabins. I really want to book the cabins for Busy’s birthday hahaha ? Wooo piso sale feels hahaha

Price: Php 10,000 / night + VAT and service charges (weekday date)

I got the cabin at a discounted price, just Php 9,933.33!  (Php 8,000 for weekday)

The cabin can accommodate up to 4 people 🙂

According from the website, staying in the cabins starts from February 16, 2018 onward. The date is on-target, Busy’s birthday is on the 4th of March. So I immediately booked March 3-4. I had issues with booking in the website, but the staff of the resort helped me in booking. They accommodated my questions through Facebook.

Booking the hotel can be also done here:

Our stay

Going to the resort was easy, we just searched Noni’s Resort in Google Maps or Waze, and it pointed us to the right direction. From Cavite it took us a bit over 2 hours to get to the resort. Busy had some errands so we left Cavite a bit late. We arrived around 6:00 PM, and it is a bit dark already.

We were immediately entertained by the receptionists, and they gave us our welcome drinks.

Moringga Juice

Wrist bands were also given to guests staying in the resort.

We signed the waivers, gave the deposit of Php 1,000.00 for incidental charges, and the receptionists explained the terms and conditions of staying in the resort. We’re excited so we asked the staff to take us immediately to the cabins.

The staff of Kapuso mo Jessica Soho were in the area packing up. Ohhhh It’s a shame we did not see them while shooting in the area… we can be one of the extras hahahaha

Ohhhhh!!! We immediately saw the Cabins!!!!

Talisay Cabin 3 at night
Talisay Cabin 3 in the morning

We were taken to Talisay Cabin 3. Oh my gosh! This is the best cabin! Why? Because we have our own waterfall and a lounge!! Actually this is a common area, but if you stay in cabin 1 or 2, you might not see the lounge and the waterfall, and the area looks like it is a part of cabin 3 (even though it’s not haha ?).

The waterfall and the lounge

Before the staff left, they asked us what do we want for dinner, so they can prepare it on time. We ordered some sandwiches because we are still full. We also requested them to bring our dinner in our cabin. This has an additional service charge, but it’s okay. We also gave our preferred breakfast and the time of delivery to our cabin.

The place is now all ours!!!

We explored the cabin first.

There is a bed in the attic!

2nd bed in the cabin located in the attic

We went down…

The washing area. A cup, toothbrush holder, and hand soap are available

The cabin has separate rooms for the shower area and the toilet bowl… a plus!

Here is the room with the toilet bowl. Not included in this picture is a big roll of tissue paper. Hahaha yes, tissue paper, I always use a lot of tissue paper ? So that is very important to me hehehe

The shower area… Rain shower!!!! Hot and cold water is available.
Shampoo / Body wash was also available.

Hair dryer, air purifier, and an electric kettle were also available in the cabin.

Complimentary bottle of water and coffee were also available.

The green sofa

The bed in the ground floor.


Ohhhhh the view is so delightful! even though it was dark, we still saw the majestic view! We’ll just wait for the morning to appreciate the view more.

I’ll show you the lounge area first 🙂

A mischievous Busy! hahaha he told me to pose like we are sleeping… but he posed like this ?

The wall full of plants… The area wherein the Talisay Cabins are located are full of these gorgeous walls.

We took a photo of all of the sides of the cabin….

Fire Pit Side

Busy and I enjoyed the heat coming from the fire pit. You can ask the help of the staff to open the fire pit.

The dipping pool is so cute… The water in the pool is heated.

We ate, dipped in the pool, and talked a lot of stuffs until 12 midnight.

Happy Birthday Busy!

Visitors can bring food, there is no corkage except for alcoholic drinks. I brought cooked barbecue, Aglio Olio with Chicken, and Hotdogs with marshmallows, ooohh smores! Hihihi Busy enjoyed it!

The morning after…

In the morning we were delighted to be greeted by the lovely view.

Here is the morning view from the attic bed

I forgot to get the view from the bed below because breakfast is here!

Eating Bacon, Egg, and Toast with a view
We love Sunday mornings like this…

Time for a swim early in the morning! 🙂 Please excuse our big belly hahaha

We swam during that Sunday morning and enjoyed the view of Taal lake and Mt. Maculot…

Here is the view of Talisay Cabins in the morning…

The Cabin

It’s so sunny…we can’t open our eyes hahaha

The View

Time to check out huhuhu we wanted to stay longer… 2 days?… a week?… or a month perhaps? hahaha

During our check out, I was informed that we still have Php 960 consumable. I said we’ll just reimburse our deposit. The staff said that this is different than our deposit! Oh no! haha I did not listened very well in the introduction last night! hahaha ??? we should’ve ordered a lot of food hahaha. Anyway, they suggested that we just order our take out or have our lunch there. We were still full so we just ordered dessert and food for take out.

Before going home, we had this photo…

Thank you for the service guys! We had a great experience!

I really hope to be back soon! This will be one of our unforgettable hotel experiences.


  • Do not worry about privacy, even though there are no curtains, you can’t be seen inside in the morning and at night just close the lights.
  • Prices are cheaper for weekday check ins than weekend check ins.
  • Public pools are available. But why are you going to use the public pools if you have your own already? 🙂
  • The Cabin can accommodate up to 4 people. Same rate applies.
  • There are toiletries available except for toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Power outlets are everywhere! You won’t be fighting with your friends for power outlets hahaha
  • Noni’s Resort has a lot of rooms and villas. Check out their website.

Happy and Busy’s Smileys

Cleanliness – 

Facilities – 

Service – 
We got an excellent service, we want to add more smileys! Can I add more? hahaha

Value for money – 

Location – 

Ambiance – 

Food – 


Other pictures 🙂

Dining with a view
Lobby of Noni’s Resort



  • Keter Pevin
    Awesome blog! Keep it up!
    • Happy and Busy
      Gire! Thanks! ?
  • RMae
    Hi! May I ask what camera did u use? Good lighting even at night.
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi RMae Thank you! I just used my Samsung S6, and Go Pro Hero 6 I know it's odd that I'm a blogger and I do not use a camera. Maybe in the future, I'll buy a professional camera :)
  • Nikka
    Hi po pwede po malaman how much po jan? And pano po ung check in -check out time?
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi! Nikka Usually 10,000 cya per night Then 2pm check in and 12 noon check out
  • Bardy
    Very informative blog. Thanks Ms happy. I noticed there's no refrigerator in the cabin? We're booked this May and we're wondering if we need to bring ice for drinks and charcoal for the fire pit.
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Bardy! Yes you are correct, there is no refrigerator in the cabin. You can bring ice to keep your drinks cold. For the fire pit, there's no need to bring charcoal. The staff will be glad to help you fire up the pit :) BTW you can't really grill on the fire pit. But they said you can grill on the common area. If you want you can bring cooked food and reheat it there. That's what we did :)
  • Rochelle Rint
    Hi ask lang po ndi kasi ako makapagbook online ng talisay cabin saknila for tuesday na sana may 15 overnight sana kami couple din po hehe, ano oras po check in and check out and paano po makakapagbook sa talisay cabin. Thank you! Your immediate response po so much appreaciated.
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Sorry sa late reply check in nila is 2pm check out is 12pm I think kung mag bobook ka for summer late na kase mabilis maubos. You can book through their website :)
  • Rox
    Finally. Found a picture of the CR. Mahirap mahagilap. Thank you for this entry. Really helpful.
    • Happy and Busy
      Hello Rox! You're welcome! Thank you also for appreciating our post :)
  • Marie
    Hi, thanks for this very informative post! Is it safe to stay here with an active 3 year old? I saw there wasn't any fencing on the pool area. Is there a fall risk or are there some safe ground on the other side? It just looks so high up and mountain-ie on the other side.
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Marie! I think you have to watch for your child all the time :) he might fall around the pool area. But if he is in the pool, he can't go out on the other side on his own :) On the other side of the pool, there is a pathway below, but it is around... I think 10 feet down. I hope this helps :)
  • Rye Yzar
    Really awesome! I'd only known this today. Very informative too! I'm looking forward to staying there with friends! ??
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Rye! Thank you for reading. Make your reservation asap. The Talisay cabins are usually fully booked :)
      • Rye Yzar
        Will do! Thanks much ??
  • Nainspire mo ko magpunta dito Kat! Love your photos, and your very informative blog post ?
    • Happy and Busy
      Thanks Cams!
  • Red
    Do you have an expense breakdown of your trip?
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Red! We actually do not have a breakdown of our expense. But if I think of it, our expense is just the hotel, plus the gas for the car just around Php 300 from Cavite to Batangas and vice versa.
  • Kavin Endozo
    Kung 3pm po check in ano oras po ang check out? Thank you
    • Happy and Busy
      Hello! 12PM check out the next day :)
  • Ryan
    Hi po. I booked Talisay Cabin for this weekend and I would like to know if we have a chance to use other infinity pool in other Villas? Hehe for picture purpose only? I notice that there is a nice infinity pool in Sta. Rita Villas. Are they strict? Thank you.
    • Happy and Busy
      Hello! For the other infinity pools, I'm afraid you can't use it, unless the person who rented the place allows you to use it.
  • Mico
    Do you have parking lot for those who have cars? Thanks
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Mico When we went there, there are a lot of parking space available :)

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