Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

After our short bowling session, we continued our double date with our friends. We wanted to try a restaurant which is just near Orchard Golf and Country Club, so we ended up in Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant. The restaurant is just located near Orchard’s gate, along Jose Abad Santos road in Salawag, Dasmarinas City, Cavite, Philippines.

Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

We immediately went to the 2nd floor wherein the restaurant can be found. There are 2 seating options…

chairs and tables - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

You can seat the regular way, using the chairs and tables, or be traditional, use the low tables and seat on the floor 🙂


traditional tables - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

Time to order!

We opted to seat on the low tables so we can experience their traditional way of eating hehehe. After seating, we looked at their menu and started saying our orders.

Set Menu - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant


special menu - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

Korean meal - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

Korean Meal - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

Dish - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

dish 2 - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

korean meal 2 - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

drink - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant

The food is now served!

Korean side dishes

While waiting for your order, the restaurant will serve you these side dishes. There are potatoes, Kimchi, Sweet Potato, and I’m not sure what are the others haha there are bean sprouts, and swamp cabbage or river spinach (Kangkong in Filipino). You can eat all of these and ask for another serving. Yup! that’s right! you can ask for another set of Korean side dishes.

Our 2 orders of Ju Meokchi (beef) were cooked by our side. When ordering their special menu which contains food that needs to be cooked, there is a minimum of 2 orders.

The proper way of eating this is wrapping it in Lettuce together with the special Korean sauce, garlic, and onions. You can also add different Korean side dishes if you want to.

Ju Meokchi - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant
Beef strips, onions, and garlic are being cooked beside us (P450 per order)

Here are the other dishes that we ordered

Chapche - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant
Chapche, rice noodles with vegetables, pork, and it is a bit sweet (P500) good for 3-4 persons
Bibimbap, a famous Korean Dish with rice, meat and vegetables (P300) good for 1-2 persons
Yang Nyum Chicken - Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant
Yang Nyum Chicken, sweet and spicy fried chicken with peanuts (P800) good for 3-4 persons

We enjoyed eating in the Korean Restaurant, we did not even manage to eat all of the food. The serving per dish is a lot! We did not expect that because the pictures on the menu are so small hahaha. I even thought that the Yang Nyum Chicken has only 4 pieces of chicken, but no! haha there is a lot!


  • The location of the restaurant is just beside the road, however public transportation are not that visible in the area.
  • Contact the restaurant at 0917-524-5330 or 0917-524-7704
  • They do not serve deserts
  • The store opens at 10:30 am and closes at 9:00 pm

Happy and Busy’s Smiley

Food – 

Location – 

Ambiance – 

Value for money – 

Service – 

Comfort Rooms – 

Double date in Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant
Double date in Bek Ryeon Korean Restaurant


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