D’Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen

D’Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen

We have finally tasted some of the dishes from D’Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen. They specialize in providing delicious and nutritious diet food. They offer made-to-order dishes for anyone who are into low-cab, gluten-free, or keto diet. I can’t even believe that we are eating “diet food” because it was really yummy!


Basic Information

Website: http://kitchen.dlemere.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ketodlemerewellnesskitchen

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 8AM-12MN

Contact numbers: 09773569284 / 09569252649

Email Address: [email protected]

Location: RRE Building, 43 F. Antonio Street, Bambang, Pasig City



D'Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen - Right Keto Diet - salad - Happy and Busy Travels

I first tasted the salad that is included in my lunch package. It was delicious and light. Perfect to start my lunch.


Main Course

I was very excited for this part when I received this because it looked so yummy!

D'Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen - Right Keto Diet - Tenderloin vegetables mushroom and rice noodles - Happy and Busy Travels

I was impressed! The Beef Tenderlion is properly cooked! I do not know how did they do it, but I left my food in the fridge for a day. Then, I jut popped it in the microwave and heat it for 1 minutes. When you leave your food in the fridge, it can make your food a little bit less fresh.



D'Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen - Right Keto Diet - juice - Happy and Busy Travels

I had my juice while I was eating the whole meal. It tasted good… I wonder what is inside.




Finally, I had my dessert. At first I was skeptical… why is there a dessert even though I am on a diet? Well, they can serve good desserts even though their clients are on a diet.

D'Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen - Right Keto Diet - rich dark chocolate cake with blueberries - Happy and Busy Travels

The cake is made out of dark chocolate. I am not a fan of dark chocolates (’cause I like everything sweet) but this cake really tasted great!!! The blueberries on top complements the taste of the cake. I want to have another serving haha.


If you would like to have your meals too order from them and use the code HAPPYANDBUSY so you can get a 5% discount in all products.


Happy and Busy’s Smileys for D’Le Mere Healthy & Wellness Kitchen

The food pack was delivered while I was on leave, so my colleague placed it in the refrigerator. I ate it the next day for my lunch


I love how delicious and nutritious the dishes are! It’s like I’m not into any kind of diet.

Value for money


Customer service is superb.


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  • 12jessamay
    Thanks for sharing this delicious and nutritious foods po. Grabe gusto ko din tong ma try. Lalo yung salad at main dish, nagutom ako sa tingin pa lang 😅
  • Wow! This is so delicious and healthy foods especially the Beef tenderloin and dark chocolate cake with blueberries on top. 😍😋

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