The Queen’s Gambit Review

The Queen’s Gambit Review

Netflix has successfully made a boring game very entertaining! The Queen’s Gambit is another outstanding original series. It is all about chess and the struggles of Beth Harmon on how to succeed with the sport and in life.

The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review
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I know you are thinking that “ohh chess, it’s so boring” but no! Netflix made it exciting,  For people who are not into board games like me, we know how to play chess but we are not experts. So, when you tell me anything about chess my mind disappears.


Beware: There are a few spoilers ahead!


The Queen’s Gambit Main Cast

Actor/ Actress’ NameName in the seriesRole
Anya Taylor-JoyElizabeth Harmon (Beth)Main Character
Isla JohnstonYoung Beth Harmon
Annabeth KellyFive Year old Beth
Chloe PirrieAlice HarmonBiological Mom
Bill CampMr ShaibelJanitor/ Coach
Marielle HellerAlma WheatleyAdoptive Mom
Marcin DorocinskiVasily BorgovRussian – Best Chess Player
Matthew Dennis LewisMatTwin
Russell Dennis LewisMikeTwin
Thomas Brodie-SangsterBenny WattsUSA’s Chess champion
Moses IngramJoleneBestfriend in the orphanage
Harry MellingHarry BeltikKentucky’s Chess champion
Jacob Fortune-LloydD.L. TownesLove interest


Setting – The Queen’s Gambit

I love how the series brought us back in the 1960s wherein women are not yet recognized to do such great things.


Style – The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review Style of Beth Harmon
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As soon as the series go on, the style of Beth Harmon also grows! I love how she was very stylish! I even wanted to open my cabinet of scarves so I can use it as a headscarf.

When she was a child, of course she doesn’t have the money so she had to use whatever was given.

But when she started winning and getting prize money, she started investing on herself.

Kudos to the styling team!


By the way, I just can’t understand the style of Benny Watts, a cowboy leaving in NYC.


Elizabeth Harmon’s Childhood

The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review
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Losing a parent or both parents during childhood is a common scene in movies. But, when she discovered chess from Ms. Shaibel, the series started to be intriguing. She had the talent and the ambition. But an addiction which started forced her to stop playing chess.



Elizabeth Harmon’s Success in Chess

The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review
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She was adopted by the Wheatleys from the orphanage. But she still can’t play chess. Using her urge to join chess competitions, she did everything to join her first contest. Mr. Shaibel helped her again here.

It was nice that the first person who helped her, even helped here more.

After her first competition, she earned $100 and became well known. Alma Wheatley, saw this an opportunity so she inspired Beth to pursue Chess.

At first I though Ms. Wheatley will just use Beth’s talent to gain money, but nope. Beth is like a true daughter to her.


More Competitions

The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review
📸 Netflix

As Beth grows and join more competition, she has became very well known and at the same time her dedication for Chess has grown.

She doesn’t want to loose, but she lost to one of her greatest opponents.

These type of scenes is also common, but I don’t know how Netflix has made everything so intriguing and kept our interest grow.



Elizabeth Harmon’s Downfall

The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review
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Together with the death of her adoptive mom, and her addiction, she has started to downfall. Luckily her friends are there to help and catch her. Plus, she went back to where everything started and it gave her the motivation to go back up.

With everything that we do, we know that we can do it alone. But, it is very helpful that someone is there to help us.



The Queen's Gambit - Happy and Busy Travels Review
📸 Netflix

Finally, Beth has outgrown her addiction and just focused on the game. With this she reached her goal.

She was the best chess player, plus she is a woman.



Happy and Busy Travel’s Smileys for The Queen’s Gambit

We are giving it 4 smileys because we loved it so much that we finished everything in one seating. There are scenes or events which are common but Netflix has made us watch it even more. Even though we can’t understand everything in Chess, it’s like we are a part of the game.



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  • Jessa May Masuela
    Like you, I'm bot also fond of playing chess coz it's really complicated in the first place but i do love watching it on a movie. Thanks for sharing this movie. I loved beth harmon's style of clothing here. She looks lovely on it.
  • Faye Constante
    Woww!!! Hindi ako masyadong interesado sa chess pero nung nabasa ko na ginawang exciting ng netfilx i should definitely watch this 😊. Highly recommended to sa mga gusto ng mga thrill at exciting na palabas ☺️💖

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