Meet Hapsy, the Happy and Busy Travels Mascot

We have a new team member! Meet Hapsy! He is our newest mascot. He looks cute, isn’t he?

Haby the Happy and Busy Travels Mascot

Hapsy was born on December 1, 2017, which is also the start of our blog. He will be modeling for us whenever we are not ready for a photo 😆 Well… he looks really better than us 😜

We hope we can afford his very expensive talent fees. After all, he is an expert in modeling and he is very attractive.


Where did Hapsy come from?

He was made by Angeliclay with her creative hands, using air-dry clay, and lots of love ❤️

Haby the Happy and Busy Travels Mascot

We asked Angeliclay to bring our logo to life, and there he is, just after a few days he was born. If you also want your logo to be made, message Angeliclay and she will be willing to do it for you.


When Hapsy was brought to us, he came in with a free keychain from Angeliclay. It has my favorite milk tea and my nickname.

Air Dry Clay Art


What is the inspiration behind it?

Hapsy is derived from our logo. The explanation for our logo is already discussed in our blog introducing him in this link:




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    Ang cute nmn love it
  • Angelita Marcelo
    Wow Ang cute

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