How to Book an Accommodation?

How to Book an Accommodation?

Is it your first time to book an accommodation? No worries because here is our guide on how to book an accommodation. 😁

How to Book an Accommodation resort hotel

There are a lot of ways on how to book an accommodation but here are the common ways.


Book with Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the leading websites to book your accommodation. They have a wide range of types of accommodation from a small hotel room up to a big whole house.

How to book an accommodation

Here’s how to book with Airbnb:

1) Create an account

Make an account in Airbnb so you can easily book and track everything you do in the website.



2) Search

Use the search bar, indicate the place, dates, and number of people. Then Airbnb will show all of the available accommodations.

3) Book and Pay

If you saw the best accommodation that will suite you, you can proceed in booking and paying



Book with Agoda

Agoda is another leading website that features a lot of hotel rooms.

How to Book an Accommodation

Here’s how to book with Agoda.

1) Create an Account

Make an account with Agoda so you can track everything you do in the website.



2) Search

Fill in the search bar with the place, dates, and number of people. Then, you can start your search. If you are on a budget, you may use the filters and click the “Lowest Price First” so they can show you the cheapest accommodation.

3) Book and Pay

Finally, if you have chosen the accommodation, book and pay. By the way, Agoda has an option to choose to pay on a later date or on the same day as your booking.



Book with Zen Rooms

Zen Rooms specializes in rooms which are very affordable. They are a new player but they have several properties under their management within the past few years.

how to book an accommodation

Here is how to book with Zen Rooms:

1. Create an Account

Again, make an account so you can track and manage your booking.



2. Search 

Input the place, dates, and number of people in the search box. Then, browse through various properties.


3. Book and Pay

As soon as you saw the room that you desire, book it. But do not pay right away. Use the code HAPPYANDBUSY for a discount. After placing the code, you can now pay.



Book Directly with the Hotel/ Property Owner

So far, all of the hotels and resorts can be booked directly with them. But some private houses are not available to book directly.

Here’s the short steps on how to book directly with the hotel/ property owner:

1. Look for the contact details of the property/hotel or hotels usually has a booking option in their websites.

2. Ask to book, give your details.

3. Book and Pay.


Book with a Travel Agency

Sometimes travel agencies has discounts in some properties so it will be nice if you also contact some travel agencies.

Here is the short guide on how to book with a travel agency:

1. Look for a credible travel agency.

2. Ask for room packages or options.

3. If you have chosen, book and pay.



Do you have any questions or clarifications? Feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂




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  • Hyun Jang Nim
    Thanks for these, very helpful and informative. We have several options now on how to book accommodation 🤗
  • It sure was helpful when you said that you must check the website of the hotel that you are interested in to look for their contact details. This must be shared with my sister who is planning to stay in a hotel facility for a week to have some time to relax and unwind before this month ends. For sure, your tips will help her book the right hotel lodging facility within the week.
  • Thanks for you tip on how it would be excellent if you also contacted certain travel agents since occasionally they have discounts on certain places. I'm planning to book my parents a getaway trip for their anniversary this weekend at a nice hotel lodging outside the city. I feel like they could use a breath of fresh air after being under a lot of stress lately with their retirement process so thanks for your tips on booking a place.
  • I appreciate your advice that it would be great if you also contacted some travel agencies since occasionally they have discounts on particular locations. This weekend, I'm going to schedule a getaway for my parents' anniversary in a luxury hotel outside the city, maybe a  beachfront hotel near Gulfport. Thanks for your advice on finding a hotel; I think they could use it after being so stressed out recently with their retirement process.
  • It is wonderful if you also call certain travel agencies because you made a fantastic point about how occasionally travel companies have discounts in specific hotels. When choosing a destination for my family to visit this summer, I will keep that in mind. This essay has been really instructive and useful because they all desire a mineral hot springs spa.
  • It was wonderful when you informed us that travel agents occasionally offer discounts on certain properties, therefore it would be lovely if you also got in touch with some travel agencies. I'll let my husband know about this so he can make hotel reservations for next week so he can go to work. On a business trip, he will attend a conference, so he wants to ensure that he won't feel lonely while relaxing at a hotel.
  • I liked that you said that you must check the website of a hotel to find out your booking options. My husband and I are interested in staying in a cabin where we can intimately celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. We want to make sure that it is going to be easy for us to book cabin accommodation, so we will keep your tips in mind.
  • It stood out to me when you talked about how most hotels have a booking option on their website. With that in mind, I would think that it would be a good idea to look at the pictures the hotel has on its website before booking anything. It seems like you would want to make sure that the hotel looks attractive and comfortable before making a decision.
    • Happy and Busy
      This is true :) We also usually look at pictures either on the hotel's website (which always look good), look at social media posts of previous guests, or Google it to see various reviews.

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