Little Italy, Love is an acquired taste

If you are looking for a feel good movie, Little Italy is the best movie for you!

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Year of release: 2018

Director: Donald Petrie

Lead Actors: 

Emma Roberts (Nikki)
Hayden Christensen (Leo)
Alyssa Milano (Dora)
Linda Kash (Amalia)
Adam Ferrara (Sal)
Gary Basaraba (Vince)
Andrew Phung (Luigi)
Jane Seymour (Corrine)
Daniel Aiello (Carlo)
Andrea Martin (Franca)

Genre: Romance and Comedy



A young couple must navigate a blossoming romance, amidst a war between their families’ competing pizza restaurants.



I read some reviews and comments about the movie first before I had a chance to watch it. I do not understand why some of them had some bad reviews, for me, I LOVE THE MOVIE!

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If I could just tell the whole story here, I will! but of course I do not want to spoil it to you guys ?

I just created a super duper short summary at the end of this review.

I love Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen!


What I love about Little Italy?

1. The good feeling that the movie gave me

Right from the start, up to the end, the movie made me smile, laugh, and I felt kilig ? (a Filipino word for romantic excitement). As the movie progressed, my feelings developed even more (haha just like love).

2. It features food!

Who does not love food? I love how they featured pizza and how did Leo wanted to innovate it.

3. Nonna’s “quotable quotes”

Nikki’s nonna has a lot of wise words that she shared in the movie. Here is my favorite:

Little Italy - Nona's Words of Wisdom - Happy and Busy Travels
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4. The Romantic Comedy Genre was spot on

It has the same romantic comedy vibe from Miss Congeniality and How to loose a guy in 10 days (yes the director is the same). If you enjoyed those movies, you will also enjoy this one.

5. Love wins!

Either it’s love for your partner, or love for your friend, love also knows no age. ?


What I do not like about Little Italy?

I wanted more! Hahaha I really love romantic comedies.


Quick Summary

The movie started by showing the childhood of Nikki and Leo and how Nikki’s crush with Leo blossomed. Their fathers Sal and Vince were best friends and partners in their Pizza business but a point came wherein they had a fight and ended their friendship.

Nikki left Little Italy to pursue her career as a chef, but she needed to go back home. She does not want to go back because of Sal and Vince’s fight.

When Nikki arrived in Little Italy she was again reminded of “home” with the help of Leo.


Happy and Busy’s Smileys

I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars.


  • I didn't know you also make movie reviews. I first saw Emma Roberts in her movie Aquamarine. I also loved her Wild Child movie. Those movies were more than a decade ago LOL. I wonder how different her acting is after those years. I'll check out Little Italy soon!
    • Happy and Busy
      Yep, I post it na haha dati Busy and I just talked bout it. Might as well post it na rin :)
  • Jayne D
    It’s rare nowadays to have decent movies and with your review, it helps a lot to know what is worth watching for! Great help for people who dont want to waste their time watching junk movies ;)
  • wow! this is the third time i heard about little italy! i should relaly be going!!

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