Ruins of St Paul’s, Macau – How to Avoid Photobombers?

How to get a photo in the Ruins of St Paul’s without all of the people in it? Getting a photo in any tourist spots is hard because there is a lot of people! Of course there is a lot of people because they also want to see the tourist spot and get their photos with it. So, here are some tips on how to get your photo in the Ruins of St Paul’s in Macau without all of the people around, and without using Photoshop.


How to Get a Photo in Ruins of St Paul’s Without all of the People?

1. Go at an Unusual time

In the morning, or afternoon, there are a lot of tourists in the Ruins of St. Paul’s. So, just go there at night or early in the morning. In our case, we went there at night. There are fewer people and if we wanted to remove the people in the picture, we can easily remove them by editing it. After all they also looked like the darkness in the pictures.

Plus! Being in the Ruins of St Pau’ls at night can be more romantic! Great for couples!


2. Start at the Entrance

From the entrance, get a good spot that can eliminate the people in the background. We did find this structure along the road to the Ruins of St Paul’s, we used this and take our shot. The people are in the background, but they will really not be the main focus in the picture,

Ruins of St Pauls Macau


3. Go to the nearby road

As we have mentioned earlier, you have to get a good spot, so we went to a road beside the Ruins of St Paul’s. There is almost no people here, so we took a lot of great pictures here. There are some people in the picture, but you won’t notice them immediately because it is dark, they also appear to be dark in the picture.

Ruins of St Pauls Macau

Ohh I look taller than Busy here, because I am standing on a ledge haha.


4. Take a  picture just below the structure

Some might not like the angle of the picture, but from this angle, you can get the shot of the ruins plus your whole body picture. Just place the camera on the floor, angled towards the sky.

Ruins of St Pauls Macau


5. Take a selfie

Also just below the structure, take a selfie!

Ruins of St Pauls Macau


6. Be the Obstruction 😆

A noble man once said, if you can’t beat them, join them. Hahahahaha Well not really join them… You can just go in front of the sea of people, block them from the camera, then take your shot.



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