Short-Term Rentals, Why do we Love Them?

Short-Term Rentals, Why do we Love Them?

Aside from resorts and hotels, we also want houses or apartments that are available for short-term rentals. This is a growing industry now and it keeps on growing as years pass by.

Why do we love short-term rentals - Happy and Busy Travels


What is Short-Term Rental?

Short-term rental is the term used for leasing out furnished properties on a short-term basis. It is usually a house, apartment, or any accommodation that allows people to stay for a few days and up to a few months.

Currently, this industry has started to grow and can be seen on different websites like Zumper. More people are realizing that short-term rental has a lot of advantages.

But why do we love short-term rentals? Here are some of the reasons.


Reasons to Love Short-Term Rentals

1. Cheaper Rates

Usually, we stay in a hotel for a few days, but with short-term rentals, it can be up to a month. So, if you are going to rent for a short time, the rates are cheaper. It’s like buying in bulk, you are buying the nights in bulk so you will get the wholesale price instead of the retail price.



2. Working While Travelling

Digital nomads or those who are completely on a work-from-home set up can travel while they are working. So, renting a place for a short period is beneficial because you can enjoy a different place for a short period while working.

Why do we love short-term rentals - Happy and Busy Travels


3. Hoping to Different Places

It is fun knowing the community that you live in, but sometimes you would like to change communities. So, by just short-term renting, you can experience different communities.

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4. It is almost your home

Unlike going to hotels, short-term rental properties have furnished units. So, it’s just like living in your own home with furniture and appliances. Just like some apartments that we have rented, they are fully furnished! The kitchen is has cooking utensils and appliances like a refrigerator and microwave.

Short-Term Rentals kitchen Rafanya Sanctuary - Happy and Busy Travels Where to stay in Tagaytay Condo Unit Wellington Courtyard


5. Meeting new Friends

Different short-term rentals have different hosts, so you’ll have the chance to meet new people and be their friends. It is really nice to know new people, you’ll never know once day you will be meeting again.

With our newfound friend, Ruby Alkuino



6. Unique Units

There are a lot of unique units to discover and experience, so by renting for a short time, you can see a lot of these. I always see different and unique short-term rental units, so it’s nice to explore and see them like the Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Pokemon-themed units. The fans will go crazy by just staying at them.



7. Longer Adjustment Time

You do not have to check in and out every day and pack up your things. You can just leave your things and arrange them the way you do it every day. Just like my toiletries, I always use them and I want to leave them on the sink arranged on how do I use them.

comfort room Deluxe room Amega Hotel - Happy and Busy Travels Where to stay in Tagaytay



Do you have any other things in mind on why travelers love short-term rentals? Leave a comment below and we’ll reply or even add it to this list.



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  • Rowena Callo Villareno
    Than you for sharing po very informative and well explained din kung bakit mas maganda ang short term rent.
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    Wow thank you for sharing this , tlgang the best din pla tlga ung ganito . Mas ma eenjoy tlga 💞❤️
  • You are right about how short-term rental properties feature equipped apartments, which sets them apart from hotels. You also said that it is therefore identical to having appliances and furnishings in your own house. This may be why my sister is keen on finding the best Fully Furnished Housing she can rent as she travels for her work.

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