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List of Lighthouses in Batanes

Batanes is not only known for its magnificent mountain and ocean views, but it is also known for its lighthouses. There is a lot of lighthouses in Batanes, so here is a short list for everybody’s reference:   Book a tour with Amazing Batanes Tours for and use the code HAPPYANDBUSY to get P500 discount.   1. Naidi […]
Marlboro Hills Racuh A Payaman South Batan- Batanes Travel Guide and itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Batanes, Travel Guide and Itinerary for 5 Days

Batanes, Travel Guide and Itinerary for 5 Days Batanes Island is the last province of the Philippines in the north. It is known for its majestic view of the ocean, the hills, and the honest Ivatan people. Last March 2019, we achieved our dream of coming to the Island, and at the same time, we […]