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Golden Waterfall in Ruifang District Taiwan Happy and Busy Travels

Golden Waterfall, Taiwan

Golden Waterfall, Taiwan The Golden Waterfall in Jiufen, Ruifang District in Taiwan, is known to have a rusty color. It is due to the minerals that came from mining. The different minerals are copper ore, sulfur, and some arsenic.     Other Information Operating hours of the stores: always open Entrance Fee: FREE Time spent: […]
Houtong Cat Village - Happy and Busy Travels to Taiwan

Houtong Cat Village, Taiwan

Houtong Cat Village, Taiwan The Houtong Cat Village in Taiwan is known for its dense population of cats. It was a small coal mining town back in the Japanese era, so people started to build the village. But in 1990s the coal production declined, so the villagers started to go somewhere and look for better […]

Dentist Appointment During COVID 19

Dentist Appointment During COVID 19 I recently went on a dentist appointment during the COVID 19 pandemic. This year (2020), the world was put to a halt due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic. The Philippines is not spared from this, thus when the quarantine guidelines were loosened up, I scheduled an appointment with my […]
Foodpanda now in Cavite Happy and Busy Travels Review

Foodpanda Now Available in Cavite!

Foodpanda Now Available in Cavite! Foodpanda is a mobile food delivery marketplace. It is an app that you can use to order different food from different restaurants right away from them 🙂   Where to get the App? You can download it in Google Playstore or in the Apple App Store. Can I order even […]
Gorio Manila Revel Bars and Cuban Cheese Rolls Food Review

Gorio Manila, Revel Bars and Cheese Rolls

Gorio Manila’s Revel Bars and Cuban Cheese Rolls Gorio Manila is a newly opened bakeshop, around 3 weeks when we ordered from them. The owner loves cooking cookies and revel bars, and her friends kept on complementing her on her skills. So, she made it a business. The name Gorio came from the name of […]