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Ka Rey Seafood Restaurant - Where to eat Tagaytay party tray - Happy and Busy Travels

Ka Rey Seafood Restaurant

Ka Rey Seafood Restaurant After our quick staycation in Tagaytay, we went right straight to Ka Rey Seafood Restaurant to have our lunch. We were starving so we were excited to eat! It is a must to have a reservation in this restaurant, because it is like a hidden restaurant, which does not accept walk-ins […]
Hello Cafe - Where to eat in Tagaytay Coffee Restaurant - Happy and Busy Travels

Hello Cafe Tagaytay

Hello Cafe Tagaytay What do you say when you first meet a person? Hello! There is a new cool cafe in Tagaytay, say hi to Hello Cafe. They may be new, but they already serve many drinks and dishes. Together with the South Bloggers, we visited the cafe because it is new in Tagaytay, and […]
SkyBrew Party Trays - Where to eat tagaytay party food tray meals - Happy and Busy Travels

SkyBrew Party Trays

SkyBrew Party Trays Where to buy party trays in Tagaytay City? You are probably in Tagaytay to have a party with your family and will be needing party trays. We highly suggest that you buy SkyBrew Party Trays because they are one of the best. Aside from Tagaytay, they can deliver up to the north, […]
Bassa Bar and Villa - Where to eat in panglao bohol restaurant - Happy and Busy Travels

Bassa Bar and Villa

Bassa Bar and Villa I searched for a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday night. So, Busy and I went to Bassa Bar and Villa to celebrate.   Important Information Facebook: Bassa Bar and Villa Operating Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card Dining Options: Dine In, Take out, and Delivery Address: Pob. […]
Via Appia - Where to stay in Tagaytay Affordable hotel resort - Happy and Busy Travels

Via Appia Tagaytay

Via Appia Tagaytay City Finally, it’s the weekend and Busy and I had the time to relax and have a quick vacation again. This time we were in Tagaytay again and we stayed in Via Appia. The hotel boasts an Italian vibe right in the middle of Tagaytay, so we were excited to check it […]