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Hello Kitty Milk Tea Tiger Sugar Philippines - Happy and Busy Travels

Tiger Sugar Philippines Hello Kitty Milk Tea

Tiger Sugar Philippines’ Hello Kitty Milk Tea Launch Did you know that there is a Hello Kitty Milk Tea available in the Philippine market right now? Yes!!! Here is Tiger Sugar Philippines’ Hello Kitty Milk Tea!   In honor of its fifth anniversary, Tiger Sugar Philippines is pleased to announce the beginning of an exclusive […]
Universal Studios Japan - Super nintendo world super mario luigi princess peach Osaka Where to go USJ - Happy and Busy Travels

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan, Features, and Tips One of the most visited theme parks in Japan is Universal Studios Japan which can be found in Osaka. Busy and I together with our friends went here for a day and explored it. So, here is our experience, some features of the park, and some tips that we […]
Hello Kitty House in Hello Kitty Town Puteri Harbour Johor Malaysia Happy and Busy Travels

Hello Kitty Town, Johor Malaysia

My bucket list is to travel all over the world and see Hello Kitty theme parks. When I heard that Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia is closing in December 31, 2019, I really wished that I can go and visit. Fortunately, Busy made my visit possible. 🙂 He gave our tour in Hello Kitty Town […]