Torres Farm and Resort

Busy, me, and a couple of our friends decided to have a late summer outing. Through Busy’s research, we have decided to go to Torres Farm and Resort in Naic, Cavite.

When we entered, the guard gave us a gate pass and informed us to go to the tourist information center.

Inside the tourist center, we paid our entrance fee and we were given bracelets. I already paid our gazebo in advanced through bank transfers.

Their tourist center will be replaced in the summer of 2019. It will be patterned to an international airport and there will also be a Duty Free souvenir shop.

Inside the center, I met Mr. Frederick T. Baylosis, the owner of Torres Farm and Resort. At first he did not mentioned that he is the owner, he just informed me that he is the owner when I asked him who is the owner of the resort ? he is such a great guy, he does not brag about what he has 🙂


Contact number: +63 977 841 1643

Entrance and Swimming fee: Php 180 per person (Php 120 for children)

Address: Brgy. Sabang, Naic, Cavite. The entrance is just along Governor’s Drive

Mayon Volcano Themed Signage

According to Mr. Baylosis the resort is just for their private use. Then, two years ago, an idea hit him, he started to invite people to the resort.


The resort has an all-around-the-world theme. Let me take you all around the world 🙂

Famous Tourist Spots in the world

Pyramids of Egypt

One of the wonders of the world, the Pryramids of Egypt, can also be found in the resort. Although the construction is not yet done, the Pyramid already looks good.


There is also a hint of Singapore in Torres Farm and Resort. The Merlion, a well known tourist spot in Singapore, can also be found in the resort.

Ancient Greek Civilization

As inspired by the ancient Greek civilization, a Greek temple was built. The pool in this part of the resort is for public use.

Busy relaxing
Greek Temple at night

Please excuse our big tummies, because we know we are macho! ???

Not far from the Greek temple, there is a very noticeable tower….

Eiffel Tower

The resort took us to Paris, France!


There was a mini park beside the Eiffel Tower.


The Eiffel Tower at Night

Santorini, Greece

A Santorini inspired events hall is also available in the resort.


Torres Farm and Resort is still currently under construction, so some of the attractions are still undone.


Statue of Liberty

Arabic Swimming Pool and Villa

When this opens, I think this will be the biggest pool in the resort.


There were different types of accommodation in the resort. The accommodation can be rented for 7 hours, or overnight.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and 4 Chairs can be rented for Php 300 for 7 hours.


If you wanted an accommodation with a roof, you can rent a Gazebo. The prices differs on the size of the gazebo. Prices can be seen at the end of this blog

The gazebos and tables and chairs are located nearby this public pool…

We reserved the small gazebo for our stay. It was perfect because it is just near the pool. The gazebo also has electrical outlets so you can charge your phones.

Here is a video of Busy and two of our friends enjoying the pool ???

Japan Villa

If you want to splurge, and have your own pool, you can rent some of their villas.

A torii at the entrance

The Japan Villa has a well landscaped garden.

The actual house looked like an actual traditional Japanese house…

…but with a pool 🙂

The villa can be rented for 7 hours, or for two shifts (AM and PM)


Other activities

There were also other activities available in the resort aside from swimming.

Obstacle Course

Children’s playground

Billiards Room


There was also a Basketball Court in the resort, I just forgot to take its picture 🙂


Animals in the Farm

There were also a lot of animals in the resort. There were goats, dogs, and my favorite during our stay… the ducks!

The ducks were very friendly….

They looked so cute beside the lake, it looks like they are in their natural habitat, but with a castle ?


During our stay, the restaurant was not yet constructed. So, Torres Farm and Resort partnered with some food chains, like Pancake House, Jollibee, Mc Donald’s, and Shakey’s Pizza. There was no corkage if you want to bring in your own food.

By the way, if you want to cook your food, a grilling station was also available beside the gazebos.

We decided to order pizza instead of bringing our food. I went to the tourist information center and I was immediately assisted by the staff in calling Shakey’s Pizza. After an hour, our food arrived!

Leaning Tower of PISA and our PIZZA!


Overall, we had a great time in the resort. The staff were friendly, the owner is very accommodating, and we had the chance to travel all around the world within a few hours hahaha.

We will be back whenever the construction is finished.



  • Bring your own food. There is no restaurant in the resort.
  • Reservation is highly recommended.
  • The resort replied immediately to our queries.
  • Wifi is available

Happy and Busy’s Smileys




Value for money  



Food – Not yet available during our stay (July 29, 2018)

Taken from Torres Farm and Resort’s Facebook account



  • Aira Ali
    Hi good day! Can I make a reservation for 2peroson in September 9, 2019 for daytour?
    • Happy and Busy
      Hi Aira! Kindly contact the farm directly :) But you won't need a reservation if you wanted to tour the farm and resort. You may just come on your preferred date.

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