Where to Buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

Whenever we go to another place we always want to bring home something that can make us remember our trip. So, here are our recommended stores that you can buy souvenirs in Batanes.


Tawsen’s Souvenir Shop

We first went to Tawsen’s Souvenir Shop because it has the same owner as our hotel, and from our hotel it’s just 3 minutes away.

Tawsen's Souvenir Shop - Batanes Travel Guide and Itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/F79tBqhsf2TWahJb6

Address: Argonza St, Basco, Batanes



Price depends on the size and styles, it ranges from Php 150 – 220.

Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?


Magnets, Keychains, and other accessories

Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

The magnets below are for sale for Php 50 and Php 30 each.

Batanes Magnets Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

A famous sign in Batanes, the Blow UR Horn sign magnet is for sale at Php 50 each.

Blow UR Horn magnet

Feel free to dig in the pile of magnets.

Batanes magnets

Key-chains are also for sale for Php 25 each. There are other styles but they are more expensive.

Batanes Keychains


Bags, Coin Purse, and Fan

Price ranges from Php 50 – 100.

Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

They also sell replica of the Stone House and Light house for Php 200 and Php 250.

Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?



Some snacks are also sold here, like this Turmeric Pulvoron! Are you curious how does it tastes like? It is delicious, the turmeric powder did not overpower the original taste of pulvoron. It’s like just a hint of Turmeric on every bite.

Turmeric Polvoron Souvenir in Batanes


Another flavor is the Malunggay Pulvoron. Malunggay is a leafy vegetable, usually called Moringa in English. It also tasted good, it’s not like eating veggies.

MAlunggay Pulvoron Batanes



Bisumi Souvenir Shop

This shop is another go to shop whenever you want to buy souvenirs in Batanes. By the way, they also have a lot of bikes for rent.

Bisumi Souvenir Shop - Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

Address: National Road, Kayvalugan, Basco, Batanes



Prices also ranges from Php 120 – 200 depending on the size. But I love how they show all of the styles that they have.

Tshirts Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

Tubho Tea

This tea is made out of Tubho or a fern that can be found in Batanes. This tea is very common in Batanes. Each sachet is Php 50.

Tubho tea



The store has a lot of handicrafts, most of them are good but are expensive. Just like this one, it costs Php 4,800!

Native Jar



Small bags are sold at Php 150.

Bags Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?



They also sell magnets but it costs a little bit high than in Tawsen’s Souvenirs. This Blow UR Horn sign is for sale at Php 80.

Magnets Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?

Lighthouse Magnets for Php 120.

Batanes magnet



Keychains are also for sale at Php 50 each, and coin purse are for sale at Php 50 – 100.

keychain and magnets Where to buy Souvenirs in Batanes?



Where to buy souvenirs in Batanes? Well it really depends on what souvenir would you like:

Magnets – Tawsens Place Inn

Key-chains – Both

T-shirts – Bisumi Souvenir Shop

Snacks – Tawsens Place Inn

Handicrafts – Bisumi Souvenir Shop


But if you have a lot of time, just visit both of the shops and splurge! 🙂


Our Batanes Travel Guide and 5-day Itinerary at: https://happyandbusytravels.com/batanes-travel-guide-and-itinerary-for-5-days/


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