Baha Bar

During our second day in Siquijor, we had our lunch in Baha Bar. We’ll it actually spelled Baha Ba’r but for easier reference I’ll spell it as Baha Bar 🙂

Before we even enter the Bar, we already had the feeling that our experience in the bar will be great. Just look at their signage ?

Baha Bar signage

The Bar opened in December 2014.

Baha Bar signage on the floor

Here is Baha Bar’s history for reference.

The island was first visited by one of the owners in earlt 2011 as part of a geological excursion to follow up on some rock showings listed in a 1980's United States Geological Survey publication.  After several subsequent visits the idea for Baha Ba'r was born out of a[n] idea to create a restaurant/bar that would appeal to both Filipino's and Westerners. The design would reflect the history of Siquijor while incorporating typical building styles and using the natural resources of the island. Cang Isok house, a famous landmark structure close to Enrique Villanueva was the inspiration for the design. The construction commenced in March 2014 and was finished November 2014.  The name Baha Ba'r is derived from the word "Baha" that in both Spanish and the Visayan [and Filipino] language means flood or low area.This land on which the bar is now stands and adjacent road typically flodded several times a year and was always underwater in times of typhoon until an extensive flood drainage project was completed as part of the Baha Bar and Bahang Balay (next door) construction. As well as the typical wooden styles common to Siquijor, a Spanish influence was also incorporated into the early drawings and the building you see today was the result of nine months of construction with an ever fluid concept based on the principles, 'wood, traditional, basic/ bare'. A;; the wood and materials except the cement were derived from local sources. There are 4 different woods used, MAhogany (the main wood construction material), Tugas (the large doors and window frames), old coconut (the balcony floor overlooking the garden) and Jemilina (the whiter dining tables).   The food we serve in the restaurant is almost all organic from one of our own farms (one is behind Cezars and 2 others elsewhere) where we grow a variety of produce some of which we supply to the local market. What we can't grow we buy locally.  Our menu comprises predominately Filipino inspired dishes that have been carefully re-designed to fuse Asian favourites with local ingredients to bring out the distinct natural flavours. We attempt to emphasize the basic ingredients and reduce the salt/ sugar content. We also have specially prepared vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu.

There were dining options outside the bar, but we opt to dine inside. As soon as we entered the bar, we have to remove our footwear. This is a Filipino tradition, when visiting in a house, it is polite to remove your footwear.

Baha Bar Siquijor


Baha Bar’s Interior Decoration

The Bar had an adorable interior design. The furniture, color scheme, plants, and decorations were spot on.

Baha Bar Siquijor furniture

Of course Busy did not miss a chance to take a photo in the bar 🙂

Busy emoting in Baha Bar Siquijor

Baha Bar Siquijor

Here is one of the awesome furniture inside the bar.

Sofa set of Baha Bar Siquijor

The couch was like “Come and seat here”, and I was like “I wanted to, but if I seat on you, I will be here until midnight ?”

Here is the actual bar of Baha Ba’r

The actual bar at Baha Bar Siquijor

Here is their wine list for reference:

Wine list of Baha Bar

We also noticed that there was an ongoing game in taking a shot. Although I am not sure how does this work, there is a “FREE” cocktail for every 20 points per country.

Baha Bar International drinking league


Baha Bar’s Menu

Baha Bar Menu on Starters and Sharing plates

signature dishes, asian, north america and european dishes Menu of Baha Bar Siquijor

Filipino Favorites Menu of Baha Bar Siquijor

Pizza Menu of Baha Bar Siquijor

Desserts Menu of Baha Bar Siquijor

While waiting for our lunch…

We explored the area and we took some photos.

Baha Bar Siquijor edge

Our friend Michael is a great photographer, he even managed to take a candid shot of me and Busy ?

Baha Bar Siquijor

Michael also managed to take a great picture of our friend while it was raining.

Baha Bar Siquijor

For more pictures from Michael Sarabia, visit his photo blogs at


The Food

Our lunch is here! Hahaha Well… we did not waited too long for our food.

Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Fresh Vegetarian Spring Roll Baha Bar
Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls Php 30

The spring rolls tasted good. It was a good dish to start our lunch.

The dish was made out of shredded carrots, fresh cabbage, bean sprout, seasoned with black pepper, garlic, and onion, wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper.


Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos of Baha Bar Siquijor
Chicken Tacos Php 175

This dish took me to Mexico! hahaha.

The tacos were made out of shredded Chicken seared with Mexican spices topped with lettuce, cucumber, cheese sauce and Parmesan cheese all placed inside crunchy Taco Shells. It was also served with Mango Vinaigrette and Tomato Salsa.


Pork Adobo

Pork Adobo of Baha Bar Siquijor
Pork Adobo Php 175

Adobo is one of the famous Filipino dishes. Their version of Adobo was a semi dry Adobo. Yum!!! My friend ordered Pork Adobo, but if you prefer Chicken, you can order Chicken Adobo.

Their version of Adobo is made out of succulent meat flavored with garlic, onion, black pepper, pepper corn, bay leaves, ginger, soya, and vinegar, garnished with chopped spring onions.


Vegetarian Burger

Vegetarian Burger of Baha Bar Siquijor
Vegetarian Burger Php 155

When this burger was served, I originally thought that my Vegan friend ordered meat! Ohh I’m soo wrong, this burger was not made out of meat but it tastes like meat! It was delicious!

The patty of the Vegetarian Burger was made out of Banana Blossom (or puso ng saging in Filipino). It was combined with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and caramelized onions, on a homemade pandesal bun, and served with sweet potato chips.

Pandesal is the Filipino version of the diner rolls, but with bread crumbs all over the bread.


Lechon Paksiw

Lechon Paksiw of Baha Bar Siquijor
Lechon Paksiw Php 135

Busy and my brother ordered Lechon Paksiw. This is also one of the famous Filipino dishes. If I’m not on a diet, I will also order this one hahaha.

It was made out of roasted pork simmered in cane vinegar and soy sauce, seasoned with mixed spices, topped with chopped onion springs,  and served with rice and atchara (Pickled unripe Papaya).


Chicken Inasal

Chicken Inasal of Baha Bar
Chicken Inasal Php 135

This dish is the Filipino version of Chicken BBQ and it was created and discovered in Bacolod Province.

It was made out of marinated grilled chicken, glazed with chef’s BBQ sauce and asuete oil topped with chopped onion springs, and served with rice and atchara.


Siquijor Pork Liempo

Siquijor Pork Liempo of Baha Bar
Siquijor Pork Liempo Php 305

Who can say no to a grilled pork? Not me! Hahaha I ordered the Siquijor Pork Liempo. Their version of the Pork Liempo was appetizing. It has the perfect combination of salty and sweet and sour.

The Pork Liempo is one of Baha Bar’s signature dishes, it was made out of grilled pork belly, infused in Filipino BBQ sauce and topped with grilled fresh Pineapple slices and chopped spring onions. The dish was originally served with rice, but I asked for mashed potatoes.


Pineapple Shake

Pineapple Shake of Baha Bar Siquijor
Pineapple Shake Php 95

We also ordered some refreshing drinks from the bar. Our friend ordered Pineapple shake. It looked so refreshing, just perfect for the hot weather of Siquijor. I think the shake was made out of fresh pineapple, coconut milk, ice, and a touch of sugar, garnished with a slice of Pineapple, and a Cherry on top.


Choco Vanilla Shake

Choco Vanilla Shake of Baha Bar Siquijor
Choco Vanilla Shake Php 160

Two of us ordered the Choco Vanilla Shake. It was made our of Chocolate, Ice, sugar, and Chocolate syrup, topped with Vanilla Ice cream and Cherry on top.


Overall, our dining experience was awesome. We even went back to the bar for the buffet dinner 🙂 If we go back to Siquijor, we will dine here again.


More details about Baha Ba’r



Contact Number: +63 998 548 8784

Operating Hours: 8:30 AM – 11 PMish 🙂



  • Wifi is available
  • They accept cash and credit card payments
  • Service is good
  • Buffet dinner is most of the time available

Happy and Busy’s Smileys




Value for money 


Comfort Rooms  


Click this link for our Siquijor Adventure with the detailed itinerary:

*most of the ingredients of the dishes were taken from the bar’s menu.

Happy and Busy at the terrace of Baha Bar


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