Siquijor Itinerary (Part 2 of our 8-day Dumaguete, Siquijor, Cebu Trip)

Here is the continuation of our tour… Siquijor here we come!!!! Here is our Siquijor Island Itinerary! Siquijor Itinerary (Part 2 of our 8-day Dumaguete, Siquijor, Cebu Trip) !


Day 4 – November 9, 2017, Thursday

5:30 AM

We checked out of the hotel, hopped on a tricycle (Php 10 per person) and went to Dumaguete Port to ride a boat to Siquijor.

5:40 AM

It took us around 10 minutes to arrive in the port. We planned to take Delta Ferry at 6AM. However, GL Shipping (a big trigger boat) will depart at 5:45 AM, so we took this boat instead. Cost per person is Php 130 and terminal fee is Php 15. The boat did not depart on time, I think it depart around 6AM.

Jaylan Ship - GL Shipping Lines

7:00 AM

Around this time we arrived in Siquijor port. HELLO SIQUIJOR!

We rented a van c/o Jorich Marabellon of Siquijor Island Motorbike for Rent and Island Tours

Contact No: +63 917 9544 960


You can rent a van, car, multi cab, or motorbike from Jorich! He is very accommodating, very helpful, and he answers to my queries swiftly! He even offered help in contacting my hotel! He can also help you in making your itinerary.

For this trip, we were picked up by George, he is one of Jorich’s colleague.

7:20 AM

We checked in very early in our hotel, this is very early than expected hahaha

Our hotel is Blue Wave Inn

Price per night: Php 1,800 (for air-conditioned rooms with breakfast, they also have fan rooms)

Address: Siquijor Circumferential Road

Contact: +63 975 199 0450, [email protected]


The hotel is very nice! Considering that staying in this place does not cost us that much. Staffs are very accommodating, the food is delicious, the room is satisfactory, and the infinity pool is delightful! The beach below the hotel is also good, sea creatures can be found easily like the crabs, small fishes, and even sea urchins!

For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Blue Wave Inn through this link: 🙂

8:00 AM

We expected to be in Siquijor around 9am, but we arrived very early so we just decided to eat our breakfast.

We had our breakfast in Bellview Kuzzina Bar and E.I. Suites

Address: Poblacion, Siquijor

Contact No: +63 906 338 3890

The restaurant is a bit attractive hahaha that’s why we have decided to eat here. The place was cold, just right for the hot weather in Siquijor. The Staff were accommodating, and the food was pleasant.

For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Bellview Kuzzina Bar and E.I. Suites through this link:

BLT Crepe Php 110

9:30 AM

Around this time, we started our coastal tour

Simbahan ng Siquijor (Church of Siquijor) and Welcome to Siquijor Sign

Simbahan ng Siquijor (Church of SIquijor)

I love Siquijor sign

I Love Siquijor Sign

Paliton Beach

My gosh! This beach is soooo nice! The serenity is good!

However, the beach has a lot of leaves and twigs. But… that’s okay 🙂


Capilay’s Spring Park

It’s a simple park with a man-made lake. During our visit, there are some kids who are keeping off the heat by swimming in the lake.

Man-made LAke in Capilay's Spring Park

There is also this mini restaurant beside the man-made lake.


Old Balete Tree and fish spa     

Old Balete Tree

For just Php 10.00 you can dip your feet and enjoy the fish spa just below the Old Balete Tree.

Fish Spa
There are fishes which are as big as my feet

I was scared at first because there are big fishes, but don’t worry because they are gentle.


We also stopped by a mini eatery wherein we can have our pictures taken riding a broom.

Siquijor is believed to be home of the witches haha (but there are none) so they just created this witty attraction.

I forgot what is this eatery but if you tour around the island you can immediately see this. You can also ask your guide to take you there.

Broom Ride
Come on Busy I’ll take you wherever you want to go 🙂


Simbahan ng Lazi (Church of Lazi) and Lazi Covenant

This church was built in 1857 and is still being maintained today.

Simbahan ng Lazi

The covenant is just in front of the church

Lazi Covenant

We love the walls of the covenant so we had our photo opportunity.

Lazi Covenant
Photo courtesy of Michael Rennan Sarabia

Triad View Deck

You can get a good view of Siquijor Island by going here.  There is a viewing deck and a restaurant.

We had our lunch here at the Larena Triad Restaurant and Bakeshop

Contact No. +63 956 557 8434


For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Larena Triad Restaurant and Bakeshop through this link:

Baby Back Ribs Php 150

Guiwanon Spring Park

This park is made up of Mangrove forest with a few house on stilts.

Entrance fee is Php 10

Mangrove - Guiwanon Spring Park

Mangroove Forest - Guiwanon Spring Park

Salagdoong Beach Resort

This resort is famous for its jumping spots. However, we just passed by to check the area.

Entrance is Php 25 per person

Salagdoong Beach Resort

Salagdoong Beach Resort

Cambugahay Falls

The attraction closes at 5PM so we hurriedly went here.

The waterfall is scenic, there is no entrance fee but if you want to try their swing you have to pay Php 20 per person (unlimited swing).

For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Cambugahay Falls through this link:

6:00 PM

We were back at the hotel to swim in the pool and to freshen up.

We also decided to have our dinner here. Our friends also decided to relax and have a drink in the hotel.



Day 5 – November 10, 2017, Friday

7:00 AM

We had our breakfast in the hotel which is already included in our booking.

We did not take a bath today because we will take a dip in the cave and the falls 🙂 we’ll just take a bath after those activities hehehehe

8:00 AM

We were picked up by George again to start our mountain tour

Cantabon Cave

We started our tour with a cave. It is mandatory to get a guide before entering the cave because it will be dangerous to go alone. The charges are:

Guide fees:Php 500 for 3 persons and add Php 100 on excess people

Environmental fee: Php 10 per person

Light and helmet rental: Php 40 per person

For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Cantabon Cave through this link: FOR UPLOADING 🙂

Cantabon Cave

Cantabon Cave
Mini waterfalls inside the cave

Mt. Bandilaan

We also went to the viewing deck of Mt. Bandilaan to see the while island of Siquijor.

Mt. Bandilaan Viewing Deck
The view from the viewing deck

Butterfly Sanctuary

The butterfly sanctuary is not far from the mountain. Entrance fee is Php 100

There’s not much to see here, there are flowers and butterflies inside a cage made out of net which measures approximately 70 sqm. The caretaker explained that this is private that’s why the entrance fee is expensive.

Butterfly Sanctuary


Late lunch at Baha Bar

The restaurant is charming! It’s IG worthy!

Address: Siquijor Circumferential Road, San Juan, Siquijor

Contact No: +63 998 548 8784


They serve variety of dishes and they are also Vegan friendly. We highly recommend that you eat here either for lunch or dinner.

For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Baha Bar through this link: 🙂

Vegetarian Burger of Baha Bar Siquijor
Vegetarian Burger Php 155

Happy and Busy at the terrace of Baha Bar

Lugnason Falls

For our last stop, we went to a pretty waterfall 🙂

Lugnason Falls is the last waterfall in a series of waterfalls.

There is also no entrance fee, just a box for donation.

For a detailed review, please visit my blog on Lugnason Falls through this link: 🙂

Lugnason Falls Siquijor Happy and Busy Travels

6:00 PM

We went back to the hotel to freshen up

This night we went out to have our dinner, surprise! Haha we ate at Baha Bar again hahahah

They offer dinner buffet at Php 350 per person.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel again, my friends grab a drink again and chill by the pool.


This concludes our Siquijor Trip

The next day we have to transfer to Cebu!


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Cambugahay Falls


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