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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort - tips FAQs where to buy tickets Klook - Happy and Busy Travels

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, Features and Tips The most visited and happiest place on Earth can be also found in Hong Kong, here is Hong Kong Disneyland. It is a Disney theme park so if you are asking what are the features and some tips before you visit, continue to read on.   Quick Links Where […]
Nigi Nigi Too - Boracay affordable Beachfront hotel resort station 2 - Happy and Busy Travels

Nigi Nigi Too Boracay, Beachfront Hotel

Nigi Nigi Too Boracay, Beachfront Hotel Busy and I, Travel with Karla, and Thinkable Box were in Boracay for the long weekend, it was a quick vacation, so we checked in Nigi Nigi Too in Boracay. It has everything that we need which I will show you in this write-up. Quick Links Checking In Balcony […]
Bohol Travel Guide 5 days itinerary 107 - Where to go Philippines What to do - Happy and Busy Travels

What to do in Bohol?

What to do in Bohol? There are a lot of tourist spots and activities in Bohol, so here is a quick list of what to do in Bohol that might help you get started on your vacation.   Activities Involving Water – What to do in Bohol? There are various activities involving water, so here […]
La Casa Tagaytay Highlands - Airbnb house for rent where to stay - Happy and Busy Travels

La Casa Tagaytay

La Casa Tagaytay, Tagaytay Highlands Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive membership resort, so not everyone can enter the vicinity, guests must have a host member who can arrange our visit. Luckily, we found La Casa Tagaytay, a European-inspired house, that hosted our stay.   Quick Links Checking In Features and Amenities Important Information Rates How […]
Playa Calatagan lots for sale - Happy and Busy Travels Where to stay in Calatagan Batangas

Playa Calatagan, Batangas

Playa Calatagan, Batangas As I have told you in my first blog, buying a property is one of everyone’s dreams. So, aside from Casobe, I also visited Playa Calatagan to check out the properties. I want to see it so I’ll know if I can buy a property here or recommend it to my friends. […]
How to Stick to your Budget while Travelling - Happy and Busy Travels

How to Stick to your Budget while Traveling?

Travel Budget 101 – How to Stick to Your Budget While Traveling? As a traveler, we spend too much on traveling, but we are not rich and we just spend our own money on our travels. So, it is best if we have a budget for each of our travel. Here are four tips on […]
Spring City Shrimp Fishing Restaurant of Happy and Busy Travels to Taiwan

Shrimp Fishing in Taiwan

In Shillin District they have a road with full of restaurant that offers Shrimp Fishing, the Zhi Shan Road. The temperature and the clean water in this area were factors that’s why Shrimp is very abundant in the area. I included this in our Taiwan itinerary because Anthony Bourdain went here and I also saw this from […]
Boracay Airport The New Caticlan Airport article of Happy and Busy Travels

Boracay Airport, The New Caticlan Airport

Boracay was closed last April 26, 2018 and was opened in October 26, 2018. Before Boracay was opened, we had a chance to visit Boracay Airport, the new Caticlan Airport while on our way to Carabao Island. Here are some of our experiences with some tips while we arrived and depart from the Airport. NOTE: Updated […]
Vegetarian Burger of Baha Bar Siquijor

Baha Bar

During our second day in Siquijor, we had our lunch in Baha Bar. We’ll it actually spelled Baha Ba’r but for easier reference I’ll spell it as Baha Bar 🙂 Before we even enter the Bar, we already had the feeling that our experience in the bar will be great. Just look at their signage ? The Bar opened […]