How to Stick to your Budget while Traveling?

Travel Budget 101 – How to Stick to Your Budget While Traveling?

As a traveler, we spend too much on traveling, but we are not rich and we just spend our own money on our travels. So, it is best if we have a budget for each of our travel. Here are four tips on how to stick to your budget while traveling which we experienced while we were traveling.

How to Stick to your Budget while Traveling - Happy and Busy Travels


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1. Create and follow your itinerary

How to Stick to your Budget while Traveling - Happy and Busy Travels create and follow itinerary

Busy and I go on budgeted trips, but of course, even though our trips are budgeted we do not go with the cheapest instantly. We do our research and create a well-balanced trip like we get a hotel that is not so expensive and not so cheap.

So, just like us, you MUST create an itinerary and follow it as much as possible because when you were making your itinerary, you are considering your budgeting plan already. A quick sample is, when you are in your last activity for the day, make sure that you catch the last transportation going back to your hotel to avoid additional costs.



2. Use Cash

use cash How to Stick to your Budget while Traveling - Happy and Busy Travels

Yes, use cash. You might have other options like using your credit card, but as much as possible use cash because the cash that you brought is most likely your actual budget for the trip.

Also, you might be tempted to buy other stuff that is not important because you have an extra credit card that can use to fund your wants for now, but you have to pay for it in the future. Just like what I have experienced when we were in Japan. I wanted to buy a lot of Hello Kitty items and I have a credit card. So, what I did is, I used my extra cash to buy the items that can fit into that remaining budget.


3. Use the public transportation

Day 1 in Taiwan - Happy and Busy Travels

Public transportation is the cheapest way around each place, so use it as much as possible. If you feel lost and do not know what public transportation to use, do not be tempted to book an Uber, Grab, or taxi. Just ask around the locals and they can help you with your journey.


4. Avoid Temptation

Gift Shop Bearseum Suites Hotel in Tagaytay Happy and Busy Travels review

We all might come to an instance where we just like to check out a shop and plan to window shop only.  If this happens, convince yourself not to go window shopping, because you might want something from a store and you can’t let it go. You’ll end up buying the item and spending over your budget.



Remember these are tips on How to stick to your budget while traveling. But if you have extra cash to splurge on, just go ahead and use it.

You are traveling because you want to experience things within your means. Don’t go gaga and go over your budget.


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