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Ocean Park Hong Kong - Theme park where to go to Hong Kong Itinerary - Happy and Busy Travels

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong, Features and Tips There are a lot of tourist spots in Hong Kong, and Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the must-visit tourist spots here. So, here are some tips and we’ll show you the features of the theme park.   Tip: If you need a whole day to enjoy the […]
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park - Where to go kota kinabalu sabah malaysia tourist spot what to do - Happy and Busy Travels

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park One of the top tourist spots in Sabah Malaysia is Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, so Busy and I went there and checked it out. It is a Zoo that showcases endemic animals (animals that can be only found in Sabah), and most of them are rescued or surrendered to them.   […]
Monsopiad Heritage Village - Where to go kota kinabalu tourist spots - Happy and Busy Travels

Monsopiad Heritage Village

Monsopiad Heritage Village As a part of our itinerary, we were supposed to visit Monsopiad Heritage Village, so we went there and explored it.  I (Happy) do not enjoy cultural or heritage museums usually, but this is an exception. We both enjoyed the village, so continue to read on and see why we enjoyed it. […]