Vacation House

Vacation House

Have you ever thought of buying your own property, home, or vacation house? During the pandemic, we were stuck in our condominium units or house. Those who have a vacation house are lucky because they get to stay there even if there is a quarantine taking place. So, Busy and I have been thinking of getting a vacation house.

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Extravagant vacation house at Playa Calatagan


How to get a vacation house?

This is also one of our main questions for ourselves. How do we get a vacation house? Here are some tips which we think can help us achieve our dream.


1. Save and Learn to Sacrifice

We always know that we have to save for whatever we want, but this time we should save to the next level by sacrificing some of the things that we want to achieve our dream.

Like me, I love Hello Kitty items, so instead of buying some, I’ll just save the money so we can buy our dream house in the future.


2. Calculate

Of course, we should know how much should we save so we have to estimate and calculate how much it costs for us to buy the property and how much we spend every month on it. One great way to calculate your loan is using a calculator like the one in this link


3. Do your Research

Do you want a house beside the beach? Along the cliff? or across a river? Before buying a property, make sure that it is your dream or ideal house so you do not have to think of any what-ifs.


4. Get the Help of your Loved Ones

Yes this is one of our tips, because usually our loved ones have a suggestion where to get a property. No, I am not thinking about getting their help financially. It may be a good thought, but not all of us are blessed with helpful loved ones.




Those are just a few tips, hopefully, we can all buy our dream properties one day.



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  • Rowena Callo Villareno
    Yay love this po isa din ito sa dream ko yung magkaroon ng vacation House perfect din kasi lalo na pag stress kana sa buhay😅 thank you for the tips po.
  • Joaquin Eli Bacod
    Yay thank you for sharing tips tlga nman very helpful tips ito . Lalo na sa mga my planong mag vacation 😍❤️
  • Apart Cy
    Thank you for sharing the tips ma'am!

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