Where to Eat in Boracay?

Where to Eat in Boracay?

You may be going to Boracay and asking, where to eat in Boracay? What are the restaurants in Boracay? Do not fear ’cause here is the awesome list of where to eat on the island.

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Nalka Seafood Restaurant

If you are looking for the best buffet on the island, you have to try the sit-in buffet of Nalka Seafood Restaurant.

Nalka Seafood Restaurant - Buffet Paluto - Where to eat in Boracay - Happy and Busy Travels


As soon as you seat, you can choose the dishes that you want and the chef will cook them. You do not have to stand and you are sure that each dish is freshly cooked.


Full details at https://happyandbusytravels.com/nalka-seafood-restaurant-buffet/



Aloha Boracay Island Grill

If you are looking for course meals, which are kinda romantic by the way, you have to book a reservation here at Aloha Boracay Island Grill.

shrimp chicken Aloha Boracay Island Grill - Where to eat in Boracay Restaurants - Happy and Busy Travels
Chicken and Shrimp Duo


You can choose from a 2-course meal or a 3-course meal, or order from their ala carte menu, but we highly suggest that you get their 3-course meal. It feels like eating in fine dining, but affordable.



By the way, I would really like to highlight that I love my dish from this resto, the Porkchop and the mashed Potato. The Porkchop has a yummy smokey flavor, while the mashed potato is not your ordinary mashed Potato, it is well seasoned and it brings back my childhood memory of eating delicious mashed potato.


Full details at https://happyandbusytravels.com/aloha-boracay-island-grill/



Meze Wrap

If you want to try different flavors, try Meditteranean food from Meze Wrap.

dishes food kebab bbq pork Meze Wrap restaurant - Where to eat in boracay - Happy and Busy travels

Ever wonder where did they get their name from? It’s actually from “Masarap” which means delicious, if you tweak the pronunciation it will actually fall to Meze Wrap. Hahaha



Full details at https://happyandbusytravels.com/meze-wrap-boracay/


Le Soleil de Boracay

Yes, this is a resort, but they also have good food and they have a restaurant in front of their resort, so you can eat here. The food, service, and ambiance here are good.

Le Soleil de Boracay - Where to Stay in Boracay Hotel Resort Station 2 vacation staycation - Happy and Busy Travels beachfront

The restaurant serves Filipino dishes, plus some alcoholic drinks from their bar.


Full details are here https://happyandbusytravels.com/dining-in-le-soleil-de-boracay/




Arina Bar and Restaurant

This restaurant is owned by wedding planners, so you will really get the ambiance of the artsy restaurant. Very IG-worthy!

Arina Bar and Restaurant - Where to eat in Boracay restaurant - Happy and Busy Travels

Of course, aside from the artsy restaurant, their food is also good. I love that they serve local dishes, like the KBL which is a Western Visayas local dish. KBL stands for Kadios, Baboy, and Langka.



Full details at https://happyandbusytravels.com/arina-bar-and-restaurant/



Balai Seafood Restaurant

If you want to experience the seafood paluto scene on the island, you have to go and eat at Balai Seafood Restaurant.

Balai Seafood Restaurant Boracay - Seafood Paluto - Happy and Busy Travels Where to eat in boracay

Busy and my favorites were served! Even though we just ate a few hours ago, we get to eat a lot here because everything is delicious! They even have Uni which is Sea Urchin, which is a delicacy.


Full details at https://happyandbusytravels.com/balai-seafood-restaurant-boracay/



Bun Bun Boracay

If you want a quick dish, you have to drop by here at Bun Bun Boracay. They specialize in sandwiches which they call Buns.

Bun Bun Boracay - Where to eat in Boracay - Chori Burger - Happy and Busy Travels


During the summer we went to Boracay twice, so we also went to this restaurant twice.




Boracay Restaurants

After reading our list, you don’t have to ask anymore where to eat in Boracay, so try and enjoy all of the mentioned restaurants.

Aloha Boracay Island Grill - Where to eat in Boracay Restaurants - Happy and Busy Travels


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    All the resto served good food but since I miss Mediterranean food I’ll definitely consider Meze Wrap and also the Arina Bar since I miss the Kadios of my Lola who used to cook it for us!!
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