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Baked by Ching - Chocolate Truffle Cake Ube Cream Cake Caramel Cake - Happy and Busy Travels Review

Baked by Ching – Cakes

Baked by Ching – Ube, Chocolate, Caramel Cakes! We got cakes from Baked by Ching! Right now they have three available cake flavors, the Ube Cream Cake, Truffle Chocolate Truffle Cake, and the Caramel Cake. So, read on and see what they look like and tastes like. We were so excited to taste the cakes […]
Vins Creation Cookies and Cake - Happy and Busy Travels

Vins Creation Cookies and Cakes

Vins Creation Cookies and Cakes My go-to milk tea is Vin’s Creation Milk Tea, but I just knew that they have other products. So, we tried Vins Creation Cookies and Cakes and oh my… just look into our review below. I’m sure you’ll buy some after this 🙂   Important Information Facebook: Instagram: Contact No.: 0916 […]

Toll House Restaurant

Upon visiting my mom’s aunt in Pampanga, she recommended Toll House Restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. She said we can have our lunch there. There are only few parking slots in front of the restaurant. Lucky us, there is only one parking space left for us. Horraaayy!!! We hurriedly went inside the restaurant because […]