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sunset in Gaomei Wetlands 高美溼地 Taichung - Happy and Busy Travels to Taiwan

Gaomei Wetlands, Taichung, Taiwan

Gaomei Wetlands 高美溼地 Taichung The Gaomei Wetlands is an area wherein the land is saturated by water, making it a large area of mud. The government created a boardwalk so people can walk here without making their feet dirty. The wetlands is mostly composed of mud, spaces with grass, and of course the windmills.   […]
Xinshe Castle Summit Resort Taichung Happy and Busy Travels to Taiwan

Xinshe Castle, Taichung, Taiwan

Xinshe Castle, Taichung Taiwan The Xinshe Castle (also known as the Summit Resort) complex is composed of European style castle with quaint surroundings. Taiwan has a lot of tourist spots, but the Xinshe Castle is not that known to be visited. For us, this should be always in your itinerary whenever you visit Taichung.   […]
Rainbow Village Taichung Happy and Busy Travels to Taiwan

Rainbow Village, Taichung City

Rainbow Village One of the most colorful places in Taiwan is the Rainbow Village. The artist behind this is Huang Yong-Fu, also known as Grandpa Rainbow. The village was built by 9 retired soldiers and Grandpa Rainbow bought one home in the village after his retirement. In 2010, when Rainbow Grandpa heard that there will […]