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The Steak Cartel Calamba Laguna - Happy and Busy Travels

The STEAK Cartel, Laguna

The STEAK Cartel, Calamba, Laguna When I heard that there is a new steak restaurant in Calamba, Laguna, Busy and I immediately visited it. Hello, The Steak Cartel! The owners of the restaurant are originally steak suppliers that turned into restaurant owners, hence the name “The Steak Cartel.” The restaurant opened just last May 2021. […]
Baliraya Resort and Spa 43 - caliraya lake - Happy and Busy Travels to Laguna

Baliraya Resort and Spa, Laguna

Baliraya Resort and Spa, Laguna A quick getaway from the metro is very much appreciated nowadays, so Busy and I went to Baliraya Resort and spa to relax and be a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city.   Important Information about Baliraya Resort and Spa Facebook: Contact No.: 0975 569 3107 Address: […]
UrPet Babies Cat Cafe - Happy and Busy Travels to Silang Laguna Cavite

UrPet Babies Cat Cafe, Silang, Cavite

UrPet Babies Cat Cafe Wanting to chill and be playful? UrPet Babies Cat Cafe is the purrfect hangout place for you and your friends. We get to play along with the kittens and eat some snacks. Important Information Facebook: Contact Number: 0936 938 9000 Email add: [email protected] Operating Hours: 2 – 9PM Payment options: G-Cash, Cash, […]
Farm T House block house - Happy and Busy Travels to Cavinti Laguna

Farm T House, Cavinti, Laguna

Farm T House, Cavinti Laguna We went on a glamping trip in Cavinti Laguna again. This time we stayed in Farm T House which is another location of the Bloc T-House company but this one is in a farm. Important Information Facebook: Email address: [email protected] Contact No.: 0936 969 9644 Address: Farmshare St Brgy Duhat, Cavinti, Laguna Google […]
Where to Stay in Cavinti Laguna - Happy and Busy Travels

Where to Stay in Cavinti, Laguna?

Where to Stay in Cavinti, Laguna? There are a lot of nice hotels and resorts in Cavinti, Laguna. But what do we recommend? Where to stay in Cavinti, Laguna? Read on our suggestions below, book the property and see it for yourself. 😉 We’ll be adding more list of accommodation here as soon as we […]
veranda at night Julian's Julians Island Lodge - Happy and Busy Travels to Cavinti Laguna

Julian’s Island Lodge, Laguna

Julian’s Island Lodge The best way to relax is through going in a vacation. So, we had a quick weekend getaway in Julian’s Island Lodge in Cavinti, Laguna. If ever you would like to rent an island just for yourself or your family and friends, this one is perfect.   Important Information Facebook: Email address: […]
The Cliffhouse Laguna Boutique Resort Happy and Busy Travels to Los Banos Laguna

The Cliffhouse Laguna, A Boutique Resort

Tired of the old style private hot spring resorts in Laguna? Yes, we are! That’s why Busy and I looked for unique hot spring resorts in Los Banos, Laguna. Luckily we found The Cliffhouse Laguna, a boutique resort.   Facebook: Contact Numbers: SMART +63939 9036856     GLOBE +63917 5225168 SUN +63922 3752935      […]