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Arzo Hotel Manila - Where to stay in Paco Manila - Happy and Busy Travels

Arzo Hotel Manila

Arzo Hotel Manila Busy and I went to Arzo Hotel Manila during the long weekend to check it out. It is one of the hotels of Arzo Hotels Group which is right beside Paco Park in Manila. The parking area is the street parking, right in front of the hotel. We were unsure if this […]
Gorio Manila Revel Bars and Cuban Cheese Rolls Food Review

Gorio Manila, Revel Bars and Cheese Rolls

Gorio Manila’s Revel Bars and Cuban Cheese Rolls Gorio Manila is a newly opened bakeshop, around 3 weeks when we ordered from them. The owner loves cooking cookies and revel bars, and her friends kept on complementing her on her skills. So, she made it a business. The name Gorio came from the name of […]