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Nagpatong Rock Formation Tanay Rizal

Tourist Spots in Tanay, Rizal

Going out of town is the best way to enjoy your weekend. Tanay, Rizal is perfect for your quick getaway. It is just a few hours away from Manila, and very accessible with public transportation. But what should we visit in Tanay? Here are the top tourist spots in Tanay, Rizal.   Looking for other […]
Natao Point Sabtang Batanes - Batanes Travel Guide and Itinerary for 5 days - Happy and Busy Travels

Natao Point

Natao Point is made up of a few hills which is privately owned. So visiting the hills is not always allowed. We just had a chance to visit Natao Point because our tricycle driver knows the owner.   Batanes Travel Guide and 5-day Itinerary at:   How to go here? Google Maps Link: From Pananayan Pension Inn to […]